Foreclosure Defense and Mortgage Workouts

The firm has extensive experience (starting in the mid 1990's) with lawsuits involving wrongful foreclosure and — more importantly — their resolution.

As an example, the firm secured a major jury verdict in a case involving the wrongful foreclosure of an apartment complex owned by an individual client. The verdict allowed the firm's client to recover an investment valued in the millions of dollars. The firm has gone to court to stop many residential foreclosures, and successfully defended major commercial mortgage confirmation and deficiency cases.

However, only a small fraction of foreclosure cases actually go to trial. Negotiating and creative "lawyering" to reach mutually acceptable results for lenders and borrowers alike is the firm's "gold standard" tactic.

Behind many of the firm's successful out-of-court resolutions stands its
expertise in the nuances of the areas of law related to foreclosure, its reputation for competent, professional, and (when necessary) aggressive trial practice, and its cooperative relationships with lawyers for loan servicers and banks.

The firm has earned a national reputation for its representation of residential borrowers in connection with loss-mitigation and mortgage modification, including tax issues related to mortgage-debt forgiveness and modification.

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