They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In legal parlance, that "vaccination" is a contract — a defense against future disputes.

The firm drafts contracts between and among shareholders, limited liability company members, business partners, consultants, distributors, licensees, employers, employees, developers, builders, contractors, and homeowners. Our clientele for such services come in all shapes and sizes, from "mom and pop" businesses to nonprofits; multinational businesses to artists and professional athletes.

Because there is no such thing as a "standard" person, one should not sign a "standard" contract without properly considering its terms.

Indeed, one should never sign a contract of any signficance to his or her life or business without at least running it by an attorney for an opinion. The most mundane looking agreements are the ones that can present the nastiest tricks and traps. Plus, the cost of a contract review can be surprisingly inexpensive — especially in light of the potential costs of proceeding on your own.

A contract's terms are put to the true test when they're put before a judge or jury. Why do our contracts pass those tests? Because we focus on practicality. Our attorneys' extensive experience in contract litigation means we know what problems to anticipate in business transactions. To protect our clients' interests, we draft contracts that are much more pragmatic and effective than the contracts of purely transactional attorneys who rarely, if ever, set foot in a courtroom.

The firm also prepares third party legal opinions regarding various commercial transactions. The "Legal Opinion Accord" of the American Bar Association Section of Business Law and the Georgia State Bar Corporate and Banking Law Section "Report on Legal Opinions to Third Parties in Corporate Transactions" serve as its typical models.




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