Civil Litigation

Many disputes—from personal or business injury cases to family matters—can lead to litigation.

For many firms, the lawsuit is bread and butter; pure business. Richard S. Alembik, PC approaches litigation with more subtlety, and more passion.

Use of advanced technology in the courtroom is one of the firm's tactical hallmarks. Many cases, especially complex business disputes, are difficult to understand. They just don't usually rivet a judge's or a jury's attention. Cutting-edge technology, creative demonstrative exhibits, sophisticated (in-house) graphics, and advanced courtroom techniques to help judges and jurors grasp the merits of the firm's cases raise the firm's winning percentage.

The firm aggressively protects its clients' interests. But that doesn't mean that it always uses a "bulldog" strategy in dispute resolution. It adopts the "chameleon" approach — one that best adapts to the particular case. Contention and conflict isn't always the most direct path to the client's objective. In fact, an uncompromising lawyer can actually hurt his or her client's case with tough-talking, bluffing, or uncompromising tactics.

The firm prefers always to leave the door open to the possibility of an amicable resolution. Because it's often in its clients' best interest to resolve a dispute without going to court, the firm will explore alternatives to litigation. To achieve this, it will advise on the options of pursuing negotiation, mediation, and arbitration when appropriate. (See the firm's page on alternative dispute resolution in this regard.) Very often, such strategies bring seemingly irreconcilable disputes to economical and mutually agreeable resolutions.




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