Business Entity Formation

Unexpected legal traps threaten all first-time entrepreneurs. The firm's counsel can help you avoid them.

Among the corporations and limited liability companies the firm has established, many are foreign businesses establishing pieds à terre in the United States or Georgia. To help a business achieve optimum profitability, the firm helps with the selection of the appropriate corporate structure and tax strategy. The firm encourages early planning to prevent adverse tax consequences, such as double taxation of capital gains.

These initial stages of the business cycle are also just the beginning of our services. Once the firm has helped start-up clients select the best corporate structure, it then suggests strategies to minimize exposure to legal liability.

The firm protects its business owners from significant uncertainty and potential liability in many ways. For businesses with more than one owner, the firm typically recommends shareholders' agreements or operating agreements. It also properly drafts the employment agreements that are vital to any business enterprise. Protection of intellectual property, such as trademarks and service marks, is another important aspect of the firm's work in this area.

The firm acts as the registered agent for many business entities. Its clients rest secure knowing that a competent, established law firm is on-call for them 24/7. The firm is always on its "toes" to make sure that the service of critical documents will not be missed or ignored, or to run interference in the case of lawsuits and other disputes.




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